Managers européens du spectacle

Appel à candidatures

La plateforme Space, initiée par l’Onda, lance l’appel à candidatures "Space-Managers en arts du spectacle", formation pilote destinée à une trentaine de jeunes chargés de diffusion à travers toute l’Europe.

L’appel à candidatures "Space-Managers en arts du spectacle" est destiné à soutenir la diffusion du spectacle vivant en Europe. L’Onda lance ce programme de formation ouvert aux professionnels de moins de 35 ans justifiant de 3 ans d’expérience. Les candidatures s’effectuent avant le 24 juin.

Les sessions de formation auront lieu dans toute l’Europe sous formes de modules courts.

Présentation (en anglais) :
We are providing a professional and mobile European training program to improve
knowledge and understanding of the distribution of performing arts throughout
We are looking for 30 individuals who will be divided into 2 separate groups. Each group will
undergo a training programme of 16 months’ duration, made up of 5 sessions (each lasting 3
days) and taking place in 5 European countries. The participants will learn about the specific
performing arts context in each of the host countries and about the challenges and
opportunities of moving performing arts work around Europe. They will be offered the chance
to learn from and engage with national and Europe-wide networks and with organisations and
individuals working within the performing arts in Europe. The trainers themselves are
performing arts professionals with training expertise and with extensive experience in arts

Lire l’appel à candidatures (en anglais)

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