CNM-IRMA (Information and Resources Center for Popular Music) is a non profit organization open to popular music actors for their information, career and training.
Main national institution providing qualified resources through : a daily updated database, expertise and observation abilities, training department… >>>

CNM-IRMA [*] is open to all involved in the music field, to inform, guide, counsel them, or to enable them to follow specialised training courses. IRMA is the interface between all the different components of the music sector in France, a true focus point for exchange.

In terms of information, CNM-IRMA’s activity is mainly carried out through publications, courses, through counselling and reception, as well as its on-line services :

- CNM-IRMA publishes directories, professional or thematic guides, totalling around twenty books which are currently available in our catalogue.

- CNM-IRMA’s Training Department offers short courses suitable for the music field expectations and professional goals on several topics : artist’s career, publishing, live music business, safety, communication, funding, web, human resources, financial management...

- Council & orientation meetings to improve the strategy of your activities in the music business (administrative, legal, network...). IRMA offers also council meetings specialized in the innovation field for music business.

- A set of practical index-cards online which endeavors to help sort out different aspects of the French legislation and work practices.

- A follow-up on professional news presented in "Actualités professionnelles" section (seminars, trade fairs, initiatives, official organization positions...).

- Organization of events and conferences.

CNM-IRMA manages also www.cnmwork.fr , its services hub : the « Annuaire », the address book with several thousands of contacts : record companies, artists, media, organisations, venues, booking agents...., a specialised job offer and internship section in music and culture business and a networking area.

[*IRMA is supported by the...

- French Ministry for Culture ;
- FCM (Fonds à la Création Musicale)
Fund for Musical Creativity ;
- Sacem (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique) The Author, Composer and Publisher’s Society ;
- Adami (Société pour l’Administration des droits des Artistes et Musiciens Interprètes) The Arstists’ and Performing Artists’ Rights’ Administration Body ;
- SPPF (Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France) Record Industry Syndicate.
- CNM (Centre national de la musique et des variétés ).

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