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L’Irma sera fermé au public le 15 juillet et le 19 juillet 2016.



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About IRMA

Irma (Information and Resources Center for Popular Music) is a non profit organization open to popular music actors for their information, career and training. Main national institution providing qualified resources through : a daily updated database, expertise and observation abilities, training department…

IRMA [*] is open to all involved in the music field, to inform, guide, counsel them, or to enable them to follow specialised training courses. IRMA is the interface between all the different components of the music sector in France, a true focus point for exchange, notably via :

- A network of French correspondents and European correspondents.

In terms of information, IRMA’s activity is mainly carried out through publications, courses, through counselling and reception, as well as its on-line services :

- IRMA publishes (in French language) and sells "L’Officiel de la Musique", a directory and guide, as well as many other directories, professional or thematic guides, totalling around twenty books which are currently available in our catalogue.
- The Training Department offers a yearly cycle of short courses in « Music Management and Administration » and a longer qualifying training course entitled « Production Management » with two separate specialisation fields : « Live Show Production » and « Record Production ».
- IRMA also makes its resources available to individuals (artists, musicians, business plan bearers, cultural mediators, research workers), via its documentation centre, personal guidance possibilities (on appointment), card-indexed data, and labels enabling the creation of selective mailings.

As a continuation to the IRMA’s mission concerning the information of professionals, the web site proposes additional tools and services to all those seeking guidance in this activity sector :

- A selection of our database is available online in both French (and English language soon) through the « Address Book » function (find the exact address of several thousands of French contacts : record companies, artists, media, organisations, venues, booking agents…).
- A selective database (accessible in English, Spanish and Italian) of a variety of European venues.
- A specialised job offer and internship section.
- A set of practical index-cards which endeavour to help sort out different aspects of the French legislation and work practices (in French).
- A library where one finds many official documents, reports or studies applied to the French music industry.
- A follow-up on professional news presented in "Actualités professionnelles" section (seminars, trade fairs, initiatives, official organization positions…).

[*] IRMA is supported by the…

- French Ministry for Culture ;
- FCM (Fonds à la Création Musicale) Fund for Musical Creativity ;
- Sacem (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique) The Author, Composer and Publisher’s Society ;
- Adami (Société pour l’Administration des droits des Artistes et Musiciens Interprètes) The Arstists’ and Performing Artists’ Rights’ Administration Body ;
- SPPF (Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France) Record Industry Syndicate.
- CNV (Centre national de la chanson, des variétés et du jazz).

Ministère de la Culture

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À propos de l’Irma

9 septembre 2010
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23 septembre 2004
À propos de l’Irma

Le Centre d’information et de ressources pour les musiques actuelles (Irma) est une association loi 1901 (J.O du 16 avril 1986) conventionnée par le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication et soutenue par les organismes de la filière musicale.

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